Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 30, Issue 59

farinet at farinet at
Thu Jun 26 08:04:40 UTC 2014

lubuntu-users-request at schrieb:
> that's all that's left for our thursday alpha1.
> if you are a ppc/amd64+mac user and would like to have alpha1 images,
> your help is requested.
> more info here:
> wxl

I've both, a samsung double core amd64 (samsung 535uc) and a ppc (pb
17"). The samsung in any has a somehow corrupted setup (too many
installations and tweaks) so testing would not harm enormously.

For the pb on the other hand, i would not like to *INSTALL* alphas. I'm
happy it is working, *SOUND INCLUDED*, with a very very customized
lubuntu 14.04 based setup, so if it's about trying the installation/live
cds i'd be willed to do that but no test installations at all
(eventually on an external firewire drive which works as boot device - i
was unable to setup the usb for booting :-( )


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