Lubuntu and usb wireless cards

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Wed Jun 25 19:24:12 UTC 2014

El 25/06/14 15:41, Steve Lawrence escribió:
> Friends,
> My experience so far with Lubuntu has been excellent.  It's very fast
> and responsive, and has all of the features I need.
> I am having some trouble, however, setting up a wireless card.  This
> is a Belkin USB wireless plug-in card, about the size of my thumb.
> I want to know if any of my fellow Lubuntuistas have set-up a similar
> wireless network card before I dive in and (very likely) wreck an
> untold variety of stuff.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve in Chicago
Hi Steve. I never use one of this cards. But at least the 3 models i use 
before work out of the box.

Do you see your syslog?
1. Open a terminal
2. $tail -f /var/log/syslog
3. Connect your dongle
4. See the output on syslog
5. Post those lines

Witch chipset have this dongle?
$lspci -vv | grep -EiA12 wireless

Post the result of the command:
$ifconfig -a

Best regards.

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