Lubuntu 14.04 Humming sound in Skype

John Niendorf john at
Wed Jun 25 16:49:43 UTC 2014

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a ZaReason Strata 7440.  I like the machine except I am
having a lot of trouble with Skype.

Initially there seemed to have been some Alsa utilities installed, but I
couldn't find anything for pulseaudio.

The sound on everything except Skype works.  Skype says that the sound
devices are controlled by pulseaudio so I installed the Pulse Audio Device
Chooser and can now access some pulseaudio settings.

The problem is that the most I can get out of Skype is a nasty 
humming/hissing sound.

The pulseaudio manager shows that Skype is on and the volume is up.  Sound 
should be coming out of the speakers, but the most I can get is the 
hissing sound and that usually requires some fiddling with options.
Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this?

Thank you.

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