PeppermintOS 5 Released

Dale Visser dale.visser at
Tue Jun 24 12:55:15 UTC 2014

I use Lubuntu 14.04 on our living room machine and my work machine, but the OS that got me started down the path of "LXDE on Ubuntu" was Peppermint 3, which was based off of Lubuntu 12.04 (unknown to me at the time). My daughter's netbook, and the Dell I'm writing this on run Peppermint 3 quite happily.

It's produced out of my area of the world (southeast United States), and the latest, just released, Peppermint 5, has been based off of Lubuntu 14.04:

I have no plans to install it, since right now all my systems will get security updates for years to come, but it looks like a great release that might interest others on this list.
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