Problem when open ZIP file to read html file with

Emiliano Vazquez emilianovazquez at
Mon Jun 23 12:02:10 UTC 2014

El 19/06/14 13:08, John Hupp escribió:
> File-roller supports calling an app to open a file within the archive, 
> but at that point Firefox is seeing (within the html code) path 
> references to images, etc., and asking pcmanfm to locate those files 
> in the file system.  And of course, they don't exist in the file 
> system unless they have been extracted.
Hi John!
That's the point!

> I think it wouldn't work unless file-roller intercepted the app's 
> (Firefox's) requests to pcmanfm.  It seems that file-roller does not 
> do this, but as someone else suggested, another compression utility 
> might have this added ability.
I'm searching for another app that support something like i want.

Thanks to all! if i find the solution i will post here!

Best regards.

> I may have missed something in this discussion -- I followed it lightly. 

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