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Emiliano Vazquez emilianovazquez at
Thu Jun 19 15:16:00 UTC 2014

El 18/06/14 19:28, Paul Sutton escribió:
> Just tried to extract a zip file downloaded from github,  got an error 
> turns out it wasn't fully downloaded.  Once downloaded fully it was fine.
> Paul
Hi Paul.

The problem is when you open a compressed file with links to other files 
inside the same zip.

There is an example:

Is Lubuntu home page downloaded to my Desktop and compressed using 
Lubuntu (is the same Lubuntu, Windows or Mac)

When you download the file you have two options:

1. Extract the file to temporary folder. go to this folder and see the 
file "lubuntu | lightweight, fast, easier.html"
2. Click on Lubuntu.tar.gz and click again on "lubuntu | lightweight, 
fast, easier.html"

In the second escenary you will see the html but it will be incomplete. 
Will fail to open images because those images does not exist in the temp 
folder created.

If you run this example you will need to flush your cache from firefox. 
This is necesary to load every file again.



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