How to retain native application icons?

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Sun Jun 15 12:26:51 UTC 2014

I think I understand you. Windows and OSX don't use icon themes, they can't
change the way they look. Every app must install its own icon in its own
folder (very messy). But that's not the way Linux works. Linux can't work
without one (at least) icon theme. Every icon theme tries to customize the
logos, some are really different, and some use the closer designs.

You have to get used to this, because it's the way Linux is designed. You
can read about searching XDG or FreeDesktop Linux desktop metaphors. But
what I don't really understand is that we, as Linux users, can change
radically the imposed icons from the aps and choose our owns, so more
freedom and customization, and you don't like it. It surprises me a lot :)

Rafael Laguna
Lubuntu Artwork Team

2014-06-14 1:09 GMT+02:00 N. W. <nw9165-0219653 at>:

> Hello,
> > Rafael Laguna wrote:
> >
> > My question now is, how do you plan to restore the /usr/share/icons
> maybe I should have been a bit more clear about this:
> Deleting the entire" /usr/share/icons" folder was merely an experiment
> with a live system of Lubuntu 14.04 LTS inside a virtual machine.
> So, all fine ;).
> I just wanted to see what's happening when doing that ;).
> > Rafael Laguna wrote:
> >
> > What you suggest is impossible in Linux (with an XDG desktop
> > metaphor). You want to use the original icon designs while using only
> > the mimetypes of Box. Or do you want to erase the action, panel and
> > other GUI features of your desktop? That's a really bad idea.
> > If you dislike the Box icons design you should look for another theme
> > that suits you.
> I am not sure, but maybe you didn't understand what I mean.
> Other icon themes, like Faenza or elementary for example, also do have
> non-native application icons. So, switching to another icon theme would
> not necessarily help me.
> Let's take Firefox as an example again. Firefox has it's own icon, made
> by (I assume) Mozilla. The Firefox logo.
> When using Firefox on Microsoft Windows, Windows is always using the
> native/original/offical Firefox logo as icon. Everywhere.
> However, when using Firefox on Lununtu 14.04 for example, Lubuntu is
> using the Firefox logo from the Box icon theme, which has been made by
> you, which is not the original Firefox logo.
> The same goes for the Faenza icon theme. Faenza also has a different
> Firefox logo.
> Another example would be Audacious. Your Audacious logo (from Lubuntu
> Box icon theme) looks completely different compared to the
> native/original/official Audacious logo.
> Other examples would be Sylpheed or LibreOffice and so on. When using
> the Box icon theme, the user is seeing logos made by you (Rafael
> Laguna), and not the original/official/native logos made by the
> application developers.
> I do not say that your logos look bad. I just want to explain to you
> what I mean.
> I would like to know what I can do to make the applications show up
> with their native/official/original logo instead of your logos.
> Regards
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