Good ol' UNRELIABLE Lubuntu :(

Israel israeldahl at
Sat Jun 14 04:06:35 UTC 2014

On 06/13/2014 10:42 PM, c. marlow wrote:
> ...

> I never knew you could do that... Mix LXDE stuff with XFCE? Delete the
> XFCE panel on first log in and add LXDE's to load at log in? but why
> would you mix LDXE stuff with XFCE stuff? I could see that being a
> nightmare when it comes to updating the system it wont know what OS it
> is. LOL. I guess YMMV ( Your Mileage May Vary) oh and how would I do
> the no modeset thing? Christopher 

when you boot open up grub by holding down the SHIFT key after the BIOS
screen shows up.
Then edit the menu entry.  Look for the piece that says "quiet splash"
and add nomodeset in.
has more info and more options :)


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