What Aere has been working on

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Thu Jun 12 03:34:49 UTC 2014


It seems I've been busy for a very long time, and have only been able to 
help on this list now and again.

But all that work has finally come to fruition, with our web-site going 
live, and hopefully I will be able to contribute more (or possibly, I 
will be even busier with support issues).

If you are interested in my project, click on the link below, and view 
(and hear) the material there.

In a nut-shell, it's a software application that converts your computer 
(with only a typing-keyboard) into an amazing musical instrument, that 
is much easier to learn to play than other musical instruments.

The fingerings are the same in every key-signature (both chords and 
melody), and you can finger the next chord while the current chord is 
playing.  You can change instruments and/or key-signatures (even while 
holding out notes and a chord) with a single key-stroke.

We are so confident that people can learn to play chords+melody music 
with this instrument in 30 days, that we offer a money-back guarantee.  
We also provide tutorials and supplementary materials for learning to 
play music in 3 different ways.

It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, and provides detailed 
instructions on using the music software available on each OS.

Anyone who has offered help to anyone on this list, may receive a free 
copy of the application, if they want it.  If you want a free copy, let 
me know.

Here is the link to start the process:


If you don't want to opt-in to receive e-mails from KeyMusician.com, you 
can go directly to:


I hope you like it.  I think this is a really amazing musical 
instrument.  See what you think.

P.S. - Regarding patents, that's what I had to do to protect myself from 
cut-throat corporations.  If anyone in the open-source community wants 
to build on my work, please ask.


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