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Julien has said that the 1st parts of Qt5 are arriving and to expect
breakages. My suggestion is to be patient and await him to say it's stable
enough for testing again.



On 9 June 2014 21:42, <farinet at> wrote:

> First of all: Is this the right place to ask about LXDE-qt and lubuntu-qt?
> If not, please point me to the right place.
> Anyway, here comes my first problem:
> I installed lubuntu-qt/LXQT (and installed the ppa as well). Now, from
> the lightdm login i can choose LXQT or lubuntu-qt.
> LXQT starts. lubuntu-qt tries to start but the turns back to the login.
> One problem both have in common is, they tell me they cannot set the
> <Fn><F6> thru <Fn><F8> (= audio off, lower, raise). In LXQT i see the
> volume icon (mixer) is dead. May be there's missing a qt native mixer?
> And: Could the missing mixer be the reason why lubuntu-qt refuses to start?
> TIA!
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