Notebook power management with Lubuntu

Israel israeldahl at
Fri Jun 6 14:47:04 UTC 2014

On 06/05/2014 06:44 PM, Emiliano Vazquez wrote:
> El 04/06/14 09:42, Israel escribió:
>> Are you using nm-applet for your network connections in the panel?  If
>> not, this has been the cause of numerous problems.
>> I suggest looking here:
>> as it seems to cover everything pretty well
> Israel! this links works like a charm.
> Now i'm using my laptop and both problems has been solved!
> * Battery sleep when i close the notebook.
> * Network goes up when i open the notebook again!
> Thanks for your time guys!
> Best regards.
> Emiliano.
Hi Emiliano,
I am glad to hear it is working!!
Enjoy your GNU desktop :D


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