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> Also do read up about swap and why the kernel will swap stuff to it even
> though there is sufficient RAM....

Thanks, interesting. On a Samsung (with 8 gig ram) i already set
swapiness to 10 (with the help of Samsung_Tools). I also removed zram
because i think with that much of ram it's not really needed.

The pb g4 has 2 gig of ram (which is good anyway). There, i did not
touch anything.

As for the dependencies:

It's clear to me, that many dependencies are not "ram-sensitive", while
they only take space on the hd. But often, at least to me, it's not
clear if libraries that come with the dependencies are or are not needed
by other applications (and calls), in certain circumstances. I'm under
the impression, you have to be very deeply in to linux to fully - or
only superficially - understand that ;)

On the pb i chose - as i usually do - to have / and /home on different
partitions. Unfortunately, the installer made an a little bit small root
partition, so i try to remove all stuff i do not really need ;)

BUT, as an example: On one hand lubuntu comes with network-manager which
brings also gnome-bluetooth and on the other hand it installs blueman
(IME preferrable, because it brings much less dependencies and it does
the job perfectly may be even better :) ). What's about the combo
blueman + wicd, possibly touching the icon set of wicd (personally, i'm
a convinced user of ceni - but i'm aware that that isn't viable as a
network manager for those new to linux.

Another example, very often by dependencies there is installed yelp
which in lubuntu, at least as far as i understand, is not needed.

What i want to say is: I feel it might be a good idea to "clean" up the
installation dependencies. Said that, i fully respect the big work of
the people doing development, packaging and so on. And their limited
time ... So, don't take this as a criticism rather than a wish, an extra
"de luxe" ;)


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