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> > c. marlow wrote:
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> > [...] What makes CLAWS better than say Thunderbird? or EVO? [...]
> Just some examples:
> In my experience, both, Claws Mail and Sylpheed use a lot less memory
> (RAM) than Thunderbird and Evolution.
> Thunderbird and Evolution are using a lot more memory (RAM).
> Also, Thunderbird is no longer being actively developed by Mozilla, see:
> By the way:
> I am not too familiar with Qt email clients yet, but, as far as I can
> see, there is only one Qt email client available which can compete with
> Claws Mail and Sylpheed in terms of memory (RAM) usage. And that is
> Trojitá ( However, at the same time it
> seems to offer less features than Claws Mail and Sylpheed. So, not sure
> if it really could replace Claws Mail or Sylpheed. Just saying.
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I haven't used trojita but the imap forwarding button for sylpheed for gmail is a really easy setup and even works for google apps from my college. This simple setup is great. 

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