keyboard backlight not active by default on pb g4 (ppc)

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Jun 1 14:13:11 UTC 2014

On 06/01/2014 01:46 AM, farinet at wrote:
> Re: pb g4 17" (ppc) related
> For some reason my msg about the keyboard backlight *NOT* working by
> default did not pass thru to the list.
> Anyway, i found out a solution for that problem that might be of
> interest for other - remaining ;-) - ppc users:
> Ad
> 	i2c-dev
> to /etc/modules and keyboard backlight and automatic screen backlight
> adaption to the ambiance lightness will work.
> Cheers!
Hey that is great!!
Can you add the steps to the PowerPC wiki for others who have the same
I think that would help a lot of others.  I think more people will be
using Lubuntu on PPC in the coming years, as they are basically a giant
brick with OS9 or the older versions of OSX
Since the older browsers can't do modern things, and older iTunes can
connect to modern iPhones.  There really isn't much they can do besides
watch DVDs... or maybe play solitaire or something.
Lubuntu totally revitalized my iBook!  Now my kids can play Ri-Li (on of
their favorites) and gCompris!  And do everything themselves!  It is a
great school computer for them.  I can even compile things on it and do
most of the normal stuff I do, though some of it is quite slow...


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