Reporting printer ink levels?

Aere Greenway Aere at
Thu Jul 24 02:29:24 UTC 2014

On 07/23/2014 07:21 PM, Eric Bradshaw wrote:
> Unfortunately I've never solved the ink level reporting issue. I've 
> just made sure I have ink in reserve for when my latest Epson 
> literally stops printing because a particular color is out. If you get 
> the ink level reporting issue solved, please share the steps. 
> Otherwise, I'm okay. It's a minor annoyance. I hope you'll be okay 
> with it too if you don't get the issue solved.

One way I've solved the ink-level reporting problem, is to install the 
printer in a Windows partition, and run the Windows partition to find 
out how much ink is remaining.  I really hate that solution, though if 
the Windows partition is in a Virtual Box, it isn't too annoying.

My current (HP) all-in-one printer includes a small screen on the 
printer itself, which shows ink levels.


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