Reporting printer ink levels?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Wed Jul 23 22:47:39 UTC 2014

Thanks, Israel, for the good word about HP inkjets and hplip.

On 7/23/2014 6:32 PM, Israel wrote:
> Hi!
> HP printers work quite well with GNU/Linux.
> hplip is very good at reporting the levels on my printer.
> I have never owned an Epson printer, so I have no idea if it works well
> or not.
> The printers are supported by the CUPS drivers.  So as a general rule
> any printer that works on OSX will work with GNU/Linux.  However, ink
> levels is another thing all together....
> You might search ubuntuforums, or askubuntu as someone else may have had
> your same issue before.
> On 07/23/2014 11:35 AM, John Hupp wrote:
>> A while back (under 13.04) I was working with an Epson Stylus C120 and
>> got it installed for printing purposes after getting past
>> I used CUPS and a Gutenprint driver.
>> But unlike most Windows inkjet printer installations, I found no
>> provision for reporting ink levels.  I found Mtink, but it did not work.
>> In the meantime I stumbled onto the
>> project, which is a library for reporting ink levels.  And at
>> there is reference to
>> packages that use this library.
>> But on the library's home page there is no news since 2009, and the
>> mailing list archives seem to no longer exist.
>> Epson offers this link:
>> But I
>> don't find anything there for Debian or Ubuntu.
>> Perhaps another manufacturer has their own package that includes
>> provision for this function.
>> Is anyone successfully reporting ink levels (one way or another) for
>> any major brand of printer?

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