A couple of bugs

Phill Whiteside phillw at vpolink.com
Sat Jul 19 18:31:03 UTC 2014

A couple of bugs in 14.04... It is known that the network icon does not
show up on the task bar, but also the update manager does not run. Bug
reports were raised and fixes are out. For those who used the workaround
for the network icon missing, you will have two of them until you reverse
the manual edit.
But, more importantly, lubuntu 14.04 has not been notifying people of
updates via the update notifier.
To correct both of these bugs you may have to plug into an ethernet connection
if your WiFi is not working.
Menu --> Accessories --> LXTerminal
once the terminal session opens, type in the below:
*sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade*
You will be asked for your password. This update and upgrade will take some
time, so you may want to run it over night. Once it has finished, all the
fixed bugs will have been applied (you will have to reboot, as there is
also a new kernel) You may find over the next couple of days after getting
the updater back running that you have updates each day. This is because
some updates needed other things to be updated first. Give it a couple of
days and things will settle down.


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