/etc/xdg/autostart bug is fixed!

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 18:03:45 UTC 2014

2014-07-13 19:06, John Hupp skrev:
> The bug described at
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxsession/+bug/1308348 and
> elsewhere -- which caused nm-applet, update-notifier and everything else
> in /etc/xdg/autostart to fail to launch -- has been fixed.
> I first noticed this in the past week or so when after a round of
> updates, I had two instances of nm-applet running.
> So everyone who installed workarounds for those can now remove them.
> Perhaps this has already been noted in the list.  If so it escaped my
> attention.  Anyhow, some things bear repeating.
> Thanks, Julien!

Thanks John for the heads up about this bug fix,
and thanks Julien for fixing it :-)

This also means that the first point release, Lubuntu 14.04.1, will be a
mature system, easy to recommend. I think it will arrive near the end of
this month.

I have noticed this bug-fix, and hence started to make up to date
tarballs and a new version of the One Button Installer, but I have not
spoken out about it clearly.

Best regards

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