lubuntu-14.04-alternate-powerpc.iso missing fsadm so lvreduce --resizefs aborts...

Mark Millard markmi at
Thu Jul 3 01:44:39 UTC 2014

Selecting to boot the CD for "rescue-powerpc", selecting to not mount a root file system from the PowerMac, selecting to get to the shell, and typing

find / -name fsadm -print

does not find a fsadm anywhere.

Naturally enough typing "fsadm -h" at the command prompt results in the message

/bin/sh: fsadm: not found

Mark Millard
markmi at

On Jul 2, 2014, at 6:08 PM, Phill Whiteside <PhillW at> wrote:

can you report the outcome of 

fsadm -h



On 3 July 2014 01:52, Mark Millard <markmi at> wrote:
I wanted to release about 45G Bytes of free space from a root file system that is in lvm and so I tried to use a CD built from lubuntu-14.04-alternate-powerpc.iso to do lvreduce --resizefs. Unfortunately the attempted use of lvreduce reports that it could not find fsadm (and fsadm is not in the live file system's /sbin/ with the lv* tools).

Part of the purpose for "rescue-powerpc" (and the like) should be to do operations that can not be done with a live (root) filesystem.  Looks like this specific kind of example of that has been missed.

I have not checked if other processor families have similar issues for their "alternate" CDs or if the issue is specific to lubuntu vs. existing in other ubuntu variants. Nor have I checked other types of .iso's for powerpc.

Mark Millard
markmi at

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