X session ends within seconds of login

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 23:51:38 UTC 2014

Hi, I am sorry you are having an issue with this....
Are you installing from a default install ISO, or using a minimal CD and 
installing lubuntu-desktop?  I don't have much experience with ldm, have 
you tried using a different display manager like slim, or lightdm?  
LightDM is the one officially used by most flavours of Ubuntu.  If I had 
to guess it might be something in the configuration for ldm that is 
causing the problem.... it might be looking for a non-existent session, 
or something similar.  Just some initial guesses....  The other guess is 
that there is some dependency that isn't installed....  but that one 
seems less likely to me (at this point).
You could also try to test the behavior on Trusty, to see if this is a 
regression/bug or something that was fixed upstream already.

On 01/17/2014 11:31 AM, John Hupp wrote:
> I'm trying to get Linux Thin Terminal Server working under Saucy i386, 
> and I find that on a client machine the X session ends within seconds 
> and returns me to the LDM login screen.
> LDM.log merely notes something like "x session started" and then 
> immediately follows with "x session ended." I don't see anything 
> unusual in the xsession-errors log for that user.
> It doesn't matter which user account I log in with.
> I have tried a couple different clients with different video cards, 
> one an old Intel and the other a current Radeon, both with plenty of RAM.
> The problem only appears with Lubuntu Saucy.  I have not seen it with 
> Ubuntu Saucy.
> The problem did not appear under Lubuntu Raring.
> Suggestions?


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