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Tue Jan 7 13:51:15 UTC 2014

This is all what I see from Facebook:

Facebook creates a closed world, you cannot see what it is in there 
unless you become part of it. It is also not free - you pay with your 
privacy to be part of it, and Facebook wins money from all of this - 
this is ok for some, but not for all. If it is a closed world group, no 
matter how many are in there, some are always outside of it.

As a matter of principle, I think, the official discussion about free 
software, such as, Lubuntu should be done outside such closed world 
solutions. Lubuntu user mail list, wiki, website, ubuntu forums, etc, on 
the other side, are open to anyone to view.

It is ok to have a private Lubuntu user group at your neighborhood (it 
is easier for some to discuss things directly with their buddies), or 
one fan group at Facebook (it is easier for some to use Facebook than 
normal email), and so on, but using it to discuss things that affect all 
of Lubuntu is imho not ok.

On 06/01/14 13:01, pinportal wrote:
> Hello, I would like to know if all of you are on the lubuntu group on 
> Facebook?  Thank you!
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