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Thanks you all...

@nio: You don't need to upload a new mkusb. I'm pretty sure that removing
the sudo calls will make it work. My suggestion is to make it "mainstream".
But I understand that this could also make things a litle more dificult for
newcomers... but... Is up to you to decide...

@all: I tested Plop, and in some computers I have success. But on the last
two machines I tried, I got freezed after USB boot. I made multiboot with
Grub2 and also with HBCD (

Don't know If I'm doing something wrong, and I tested with different Plop
managers from different HBCD versions!

2014/1/6 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at>

> 2014-01-06 03:49, Andre Rodovalho skrev:
> > I would like to know how can I create a DVD media with OBI and several
> > Ubuntu flavors or  other distros...
> >
> > The reason for that is, sometimes it is much easier to get a DVD drive
> > than fighting to boot USB drives on old hardware... With such media, I
> > could have about 4 distros, properly I could burn amd64 and i386
> > versions of Lubuntu, and have many other options to install
> >
> > I thought I could use the compressed dd image to get a iso file, and
> > maybe with on this iso add some tarballs to /tarballs directory. But I
> > never did something like this on Linux. Maybe there is a easier way to
> > get this done too...
> >
> > Another thing, I would like to suggest an change on mkusb script. I
> > recently had to use on  the partimage linux. There is no "sudo" there,
> > so I could not properly use this script to make a installation media.
> > Root user is always available on this distro, and also, there is some
> > distros that have no sudo binary...
> >
> > So, to get some more generic script, maybe the right thing to do is to
> > remove all sudo from code, and run the script as root user. In a debian
> > like distro "sudo ./mkusb".
> >
> > I'm hearing you thoughts...
> >
> >
> Hi Andre,
> 1. Multiboot
> I see your point, but I think it will not be easy for me to make it.
> There are several multi-boot systems for USB drives that are easy to
> create, but the ones that I know of for DVDs need remastering to be
> created. Maybe somebody in the Lubuntu community knows how to do it and
> would be prepared to make such a DVD image.
> Can *you* how are reading this now do it?
> 2. One Button Installer on CD/DVD
> I agree with Brendan, that Plop is a good alternative.
> 2014-01-06 04:35, brendanperrine at skrev:> plop is really good
> at getting things to boot off old hardware is plop
> > boot manager.
> >
> > It is really easy for me to use at least.
> 2.1 I use a Plop CD to start some drivers that can boot a USB pendrive
> in my oldest computer, a Compaq Presario 5640 with a 400 MHz Pentium II
> CPU and 192 MB RAM. That way I can use the One Button Installer and
> install an operating system from a tarball.
> 2.2 A second alternative would be to make the OBI work from a CD/DVD. A
> couple of alternatives might work:
> A read/write CD/DVD system is possible but not very standardized, and
> I'm afraid it might work only in a few CD/DVD hardware equipments.
> Making an OBI iso file by remastering an iso system:
> It would be more likely that a remastered iso system would work in most
> computers with a CD/DVD drive (to make an iso file live system with the
> OBI scripts included). I have never remastered a system, and need help
> to learn how to do it or ask someone else to do the remastering, but if
> many people want it, I think we should do it.
> 3. mkusb without sudo
> Your question about mkusb should be easier to solve. I just tried to use
> it without using sudo directly in the command line (but running as root
> via sudo -s).
> The current version works like that for me. But I found that there are a
> few calls with sudo, that should be removed from the script (two calls
> of parted and one of fdisk), the others are only text strings in echo
> statements.
> -----
> grep 'sudo ' ~/bin/mkusb
> for i in /dev/[^f]d?; do sudo parted -ls|grep -B1 "$i"|tr '\n' '\t';echo
> "";done
>    tj="$(sudo parted -ls|grep -B1 "$j"|tr '\n' ' '|sed s/Model:\ //;echo
> "")"
>      tj=$(sudo fdisk -lu "$j" 2>/dev/null|grep "$j":|sed s/\,\ .*//)
>   echo "sudo $0 file.iso"
>   echo "sudo $0 file.img.gz"
>   echo "sudo $0 file.img.xz"
>   echo "sudo $0 wipe-all"
>   echo "sudo $0 wipe-1"
>   echo "sudo $0 $1"
>   echo "sudo lshw -class disk #####" > "$hlptxt"
>   echo "sudo fdisk -lu 2>/dev/null|grep "/dev/[^f]d"|sort #####" >>
> "$hlptxt"
> -----
> Can you try it after removing those sudos yourself, or do you want me to
> upload a release candidate to test?
> If that does not work, there might be something else, that is used by
> the bash script in an Ubuntu based system, that is not available in the
> other system (in partimage linux). In that case, do you get an error
> message or warning?
> Best regards
> Nio
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