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Mon Jan 6 09:47:04 UTC 2014

2014-01-06 10:18, Gary Kirkpatrick skrev:
> I use image viewer a lot when working on paintings and drawings.  I zoom
> in and out a lot.  The Lubuntu image viewer 1) does not support printing
> and 2) I would like it better if I could zoom in with the mouse wheel vs
> clicking on +/-.  The ubuntu image viewer does these two things and if I
> could I would use it in Lubuntu but that does not appear possible.  Any
> suggestions greatly appreciated!
> garyk
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> Kirkpatrick
> For prints,
Hi Gary,

There are many image viewers that are possible to install into Lubuntu
as well as other Ubuntu based flavours and distros. You can find some of
them in the Software Center and test them.

If you want the one from standard Ubuntu, it is eog (Eye Of Gnome) in
12.04 LTS and I think it is still that one that is Ubuntu's default
image viewer in 13.10 (but slightly updated).

It might bring some gnome libraries, that will occupy some space of the
HDD, but there would be no other harm. Try installing it with

sudo apt-get install eog

Let us know how it works. If problems, I'll check what to do in a 'clean
Lubuntu system'.

Best regards

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