Migrate many micro and small enterprises to Lubuntu in Brazil

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 08:07:38 UTC 2014

Hello João,

0. I send a copy to the Lubuntu user community, so that they know what I
have replied. These people are users, who ask questions, share results
and discuss problems with Lubuntu.

1. Welcome :-)

2. While I think it is wrong to charge money for FOSS (for the software
itself), there is no problem to charge money for your work, when helping
people. Many people work with linux this way, both in large companies
and in small one [wo]man companies.

Some of us are retired from work and help with linux as volunteers, and
some of us do as a job. (I am retired and a volunteer.)

3. It might be good idea to try some donating system, but I think it is
hard to raise a lot of money that way.

Best regards

2014-01-06 01:19, Pin Portal skrev:
> Hello, my name is João, Im from Brazil, I like and use Lubuntu.
> I know that in April, 2014  Microsoft will stop providing updates and
> support for Windows XP users, so I decided to help many micro and small
> enterprises (like small businesses, for example: bakeries, restaurants,
> schools, small offices,...) in Brazil to change to another system and
> try not download ilegal windows 7 or windows 8 and try not buy a new
> computer with better CPU and GPU, so Im trying to convince many small
> businesses companies to migrate to Lubuntu (because it will have 5 years
> support in 14.04 LTS and of course it is free).
> But in the other hand, many people are asking me if the system
> is reliable, who is paying it (because if nobody pays, you have to
> receive money to continue the system).
> I didnt know what to answer and it made me think about it: 
> *Why doesnt Lubuntu do the same thing that Kubuntu made in the past
> and look for a company that sponsors (financially) the system? Like
> Kubuntu is supported financially by Blue
> Systems *(http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-to-be-sponsored-by-blue-systems)
> Other thing that I wanna know about Lubuntu Team: Many small companies
> have shown interest in migrating to Lubuntu, but they asked me if I
> could support them, providing support if they had some doubts using the
> system in the future, I agreed with them, but there are much more
> companies that me (alone) can support, so I asked them if they would pay
> for this support (like U$S10~U$S15 per company per 10 computers by
> month) because with this money I could contract more brazilian employees
> to help me supporting them, they agreed with it.
> *But I wanna know if Lubuntu Team thinks that it is wrong by myself to
> ''get money'' supporting Lubuntu company users in Brazil?* (Because the
> system is free, I would only get money for the support, because we have
> energy tax, potencial employees to pay and others costs) Is it wrong to
> get money with Lubuntu support or Lubuntu Team doesnt see problem with
> that? (Im asking it, because I respect so much all people that made
> Lubuntu and make it until today :D )
> *Please*, I dont like so much to use list.ubuntu.com, because I dont
> understand so much the interface, so PLEASE if one of you (or many of
> you) wanna answer this message, send your answer to my email:
> *pinportal at msn.com*   my name is João, just put ''Lubuntu'' title on the
> email message to I know that it is an answer for my original message.
> Thank you!
> Best Regards, 
> João.

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