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plop is really good at getting things to boot off old hardware is plop boot
It is really easy for me to use at least.

On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Andre Rodovalho
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> I would like to know how can I create a DVD media with OBI and several
> Ubuntu flavors or  other distros...
> The reason for that is, sometimes it is much easier to get a DVD drive
> than fighting to boot USB drives on old hardware... With such media, I
> could have about 4 distros, properly I could burn amd64 and i386 versions
> of Lubuntu, and have many other options to install
> I thought I could use the compressed dd image to get a iso file, and maybe
> with on this iso add some tarballs to /tarballs directory. But I never did
> something like this on Linux. Maybe there is a easier way to get this done
> too...
> Another thing, I would like to suggest an change on mkusb script. I
> recently had to use on  the partimage linux. There is no "sudo" there, so I
> could not properly use this script to make a installation media. Root user
> is always available on this distro, and also, there is some distros that
> have no sudo binary...
> So, to get some more generic script, maybe the right thing to do is to
> remove all sudo from code, and run the script as root user. In a debian
> like distro "sudo ./mkusb".
> I'm hearing you thoughts...
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