Linux is far from being free of malware??!!

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Hi Ali,

Have a read of this article:- 

It is quite a long but in-depth account of linux security issues. In 

1. All operating systems, including linux, are vulnerable to careless 
users who install software from dodgy sources.
2. It is technically possible, but very difficult, to create a virus 
that can harm a linux system. The separation of user and root accounts 
makes it very difficult for a virus to propagate.
3. The popular opinion, promoted by MS and companies that want to sell 
you AV software, that viruses are not written for linux due to its low 
usage is incorrect. Linux is the more popular operating system for the 
'industrial' side of IT such as web servers so a successful attack would 
yield many millions of victims. Windows is the easier target.

There is a risk but it is very small. Don't worry.

Barry T
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