Linux is far from being free of malware??!!

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2014-01-04 18:44, Aere Greenway skrev:
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> Ali, and All (hmm... the two names look very similar:
> Not having technical insight into the area, all I can respond to this
> with, is my experience. 


> Anyway, that is my experience, and my future plans.  If any of you have
> information that might show my future plans to be risky, please
> enlighten me (and others) of it. 
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> Sincerely,
> Aere

Hi Aere,

Thank you for the nice poem earlier and for today's detailed report
about your experience of security in linux and Windows! I will add only
one comment and one link:

> I worry that if I ever had to re-install one of my Windows XP systems
> (after April 2014) if I would be able to 'activate' the re-installed
> system.

I suggest that you backup your Windows systems by cloning (or making
compressed images) with Clonezilla. That way you will be able to restore
them without reinstalling, so there is no need for communication with
Microsoft, and you can keep them as long as the computers live.

Finally, here is the link to an Ubuntu wiki page about security

Best regards

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