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Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 06:16:38 UTC 2014

@Eric Hey any bit counts... if we generate enough activity we may get 
attention, and that could get us a lead to find the 'right' person to 
talk to.  I contacted the person who posted that message you referred to 
in hopes that they are still interested in finding a solution.  I 
offered my hacky script if they want it as a quick fix, and also 
extended the opportunity for them to assist us in our quest to fix the 

This is really kind of fun in an odd way.  The odds of fixing ALL the 
icons in Ubuntu are stacked against us, and the odds of finding the 
exactly right person to talk to are against us as well....

@Eric but you know who we work for anyhow :D

worse case scenario, I edit *tons* of packages to render a separate .png 
file and fix the desktop file for the program.
bzr pbuilder build-essential .....
best case, someone who has access to root comes in and runs a simple 
script to fix all the Icon= paths and rules files.  Either way this is 
do-able for at least the programs we really REALLY REALLY want in 14.04 
to be found.

So maybe between the two of us (and anyone else who wants) we could come 
up with a TOP 5 list of programs that NEED to be fixed.
I can bzr checkout them, pbuilder them and request a merge.
If any other people are interested in learning the fun that is building 
packages and requesting a merge I would be glad to send you a nice text 
file cheat sheet that I have made up so I can go from nothing to a full 
setup in a very clear path.
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