Desperate plea for help with graphics problem

Jeffrey Needle jeff.needle at
Fri Jan 3 00:24:09 UTC 2014

Hello.  I downloaded Lubuntu 13.10 today and updated the system
completely.  I'm running on a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop.  I'm
encountering a problem with graphics that is not unique to Lubuntu, but
perhaps can be solved here.

I use Evolution as my groupware client.  Version 3.2.3, that ships with
many distros based on the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, is buggy and annoying.  You
need to have a distro that runs at least Ubuntu 12.10 in order to have
the dependencies you need to run later versions of Evolution, which work
much better.

But later versions of Linux bork my graphics in both Firefox and
Chromium.  When I try to play a video, say, on YouTube, the video is
squished and distorted, just maddening!

So, my quandary: I need later versions of Evolution in order to get my
work done, which require later versions of the Ubuntu software, but
these later versions seem to really bork my graphics so that I can't see

Oddly, VLC works fine.  And I can copy a URL from YouTube, open it in
VLC, and it works just fine!

I'm so puzzled.  If anyone can help, I'd really be grateful.  Thanks.

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