Aw: Re: Lubuntu daily /nvidia 331 / chrome

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at
Mon Feb 24 17:07:35 UTC 2014

On 24.02.2014 18:51, Norbert Holze wrote:
> Hello!
> I don't that glib ist the problem. I saw this failure in the past when I added 
> the Lubuntu-Daily PPA. So I think it depends on the new LXDE components.
> I see the glib failure also on Lubuntu 13.10 without any problems for firefox.
> Kind regrads,
> Norbert

Ok.  I'm not using the PPA at all.  Like with Nio, one of the
updates/upgrades broke it.  But since it was running at the time, and
had been for a few days, I have no clue which update did it.  It was
only when I had to close/run FF that I was bitten.

Now, Firefox won't launch at all for me any more from either the
terminal or the LXDE menu.  However, it will launch if I click on a link
from within a message in Thunderbird.  Once it's running it seems to
operate as normal.  I did file a bug about the segfault:

It looks like Thunderbird is affected by the same problem and won't
launch.  Logging in to a second account and trying to launch Thunderbird
it looks like it is affected by the same problem.


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