WOTL: Any thoughts for best desktop value these days?

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So far all my computers have been Apple, but with the PPC iMac now at 12
years or so old and having an extended "illness" which it may or may not
survive . . . I've been considering a new/used desktop to replace it.

Since I've been fiddling with linux for a couple of years I have some
options that let me avoid windows, and might still open the door for PC
options.  But, I don't know or have too much experience on the use of PCs .
. . .  Of course the answer will vary depending on who is answering . . .
but, any machines that are friendlier to linux . . . and also that, um,
might be persuaded to be friends with one of the osx versions??  PS, I know
apple doesn't like it's system on non-branded machines . . . .

But, main question, any great value machines, primarily of a desktop
nature, where it could be possible to add internal HDs without too much
trouble, fiddle with components . . . and mainly be able to have a few
linux OSs available. . . without spending a whole lot of money???

Thanks for any thoughts,



If you want to go terribly cheap, look at garage/yard sales, the Saturday Super Ads, Traders, Second-hand stores (not pawn shops though, too expensive) a friend or co-worker getting rid of their old computer. And last, but not least - the dump. If they let you look around; you can find some nice equipment for nothing. The great thing about Lubuntu is it's really lightweight, so it doesn't tax the older machines. Pentium 4 is just fine and Lubuntu only runs better and faster the newer than that you go. Save your money for a nice monitor (maybe go to a pawn shop for that), as much RAM as the machine will take, a (bigger) hard disk drive, maybe a backup hard disk drive, etc. Anyway, this is my short list of oldies but goodies:
2001-2004 Dell OptiPlex GX240 (and GX260 somewhat)
2004-2005 Dell Dimension 3000 (and 2400)
2005 also the Dell Dimension XPSGEN4
2006-2007 Dell Precision 670
Well, looks like I'm a Dell fan. I guess they were cheap and plentiful during those years. There are several HP (Pavilion) desktops I've liked as well, but they made more models than I could shake a stick at.


Thank You,
God Bless,

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