WOTL: any thoughts for best desktop value?

Andre Rodovalho andre.rodovalho at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 17:39:46 UTC 2014

Nice, very nice... So, here are my suggestions for a desktop to assembly:
(is not hard now days)

1- Don't bother about brands (but get a good quality MOBO), look for
chipset specs. Intel has a very good (and increasing) Linux Support. I
whould certenlly recommend a chipset that supports SATA III (6gbs), you
will probably want to attach an SSD to this...

So, some chipset options are: B85, Z87, Z97, H97; For laptops: QM67, QS67,
HM65, UM67, HM67
Brands: Asus, MSI, AsRock, Gigabyte; For laptops (hard to say): Asus, Dell,
Vaio (if you find). Lenovo is also increasing their relations with
Canonical... They might have good support.

2- If you don't use to play games, forget about a off-board video card.
They might give you extra work to find if they have good linux support.

In the case you don't play, just stick with an intel integrated graphics,
it has very good capabilities with those Sandy Bridge intel processors (i3,
i5, i7). Those intel graphics are also famous for being power saving pieces
of hardware (laptop bonus).

3- For laptops:* Dual video cards forbidden*

4- If you do not store lots of things on your computer (video, photos) get
a medium size SSD (128gb or 256gb). Otherwise, get a small SSD (64gb) for
system only, and get a HD to store the files... Get an external drive if
you prefer laptops...

To make things easier, I separated a "assembly kit" at a website I already
used in USA:






*PS: *I'm using and 2 AMD based computers and I have no problems so far,
their chipsets are: AMD 970/AMD SB95. But if you want to try hackintosh,
Intel is the way to go... With this kit I guess you might be able to get
hackintosh in a VirtualMachine...

2014-12-23 13:58 GMT-02:00 Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com>:

> So, you are looking for standard PC hardware, am I right?
>> Well, where do you live?
>> Are you loocking for Desktop or Laptop?
>> Do you know how to setup a Desktop PC, piece by peice?
> Andre:
> Also thanks to you for the reply, standard PC is one of the options, I've
> looked at used '10 MacPro's and the price for them is still pretty high, so
> I'm considering any options . . . .  I live in Southern California, aka
> metro LA.  Desktop for home use, and for ease of access to internals, but
> not wedded to that idea either.
> Setting up a computer piece by piece is the other option, but haven't done
> that before, so not set up for it with proper tools or knowledge, but it's
> a possibility . . . to "save money" and yet have good components, but first
> looking around to see if something exists already that would get me close
> to a working platform . . . and save the time, etc.  I've looked at the
> tonymacx web site a few times when people have recommended doing a
> Hackintosh project . . . but, fairly busy, etc.
> F
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