WOTL: Any thoughts for best desktop value these days?

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 09:10:35 UTC 2014

Den 2014-12-23 01:05, Fritz Hudnut skrev:
> Folks:
> So far all my computers have been Apple, but with the PPC iMac now at 12
> years or so old and having an extended "illness" which it may or may not
> survive . . . I've been considering a new/used desktop to replace it. 
> Since I've been fiddling with linux for a couple of years I have some
> options that let me avoid windows, and might still open the door for PC
> options.  But, I don't know or have too much experience on the use of
> PCs . . . .  Of course the answer will vary depending on who is
> answering . . . but, any machines that are friendlier to linux . . . and
> also that, um, might be persuaded to be friends with one of the osx
> versions??  PS, I know apple doesn't like it's system on non-branded
> machines . . . .
> But, main question, any great value machines, primarily of a desktop
> nature, where it could be possible to add internal HDs without too much
> trouble, fiddle with components . . . and mainly be able to have a few
> linux OSs available. . . without spending a whole lot of money???
> Thanks for any thoughts,
> F

Hi Fritz,

I think middle-aged Dell, HP or Lenova desktops, or even better:
work-stations, work well with linux. (Core 2 Duo or newer processor)
Some of the new computers with UEFI and hybrid graphics can be tricky.

So try to get a good second-hand computer (refurbished or not, you can
probably refurbish it yourself if necessary).

I think you can browse through the sticky threads at the top of this link


Best regards

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