System is stuck at boot, please someone take a look a my dmesg.log

Israel israeldahl at
Wed Dec 17 03:05:15 UTC 2014

On 12/15/2014 06:45 AM, German wrote:
> nomodeset did nothing for me except instead of the studied logo I got
> a blank screen. Thanks for suggestion though
> Andre Rodovalho <andre.rodovalho at> wrote:
> Maybe worth to try a *nomodeset* option...
> This thread shows how to set that on GRUB:
> 2014-12-15 1:26 GMT-02:00 Israel <israeldahl at
> <mailto:israeldahl at>>:
>     On 12/14/2014 07:31 PM, German wrote:
>     >
>     One other thing... it seems like there might be quite a bit more
>     output... but it may be that my computer just has a lot more
>     messages it
>     outputs...
>     Can you verify and make sure you got the entire output into pastebin?
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>     Regards
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Do you remember what all was updated on your computer that day?  Do you
even remember what day that was?  If you at least remember what day it
was I think we can get a list of what was updated.  I am a little
stumped as to what might be the best route to take.  Of course you can
boot it up each day and run
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
from the root terminal to see if you get an upgrade.

If you can remember what day you upgraded on, (and haven't run apt-cache
clean or similar) we can find what programs were installed on that day.
ls -la /var/cache/apt/archives/ | grep 'Dec 10'
Assuming Dec 10 as the date you upgraded things and it all went awry,
and you didn't clean your apt cache.


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