Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 36, Issue 36

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Dec 13 17:24:40 UTC 2014

Maybe the following Ubuntu Forum Tutorial might help you.

Or maybe mtp will work according to this link

Best regards

Den 2014-12-13 17:16, German skrev:
> No problem, Nio. The tablet is rekam citipad l700 and it is running android. Where to look for it on file system so I can copy dmesg.log to it? I am in terminal
> Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at> wrote:
>> I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, German
>> I don't know about tablets. They might differ, so I suggest you tell us
>> what brand name and model it is, and what operating system. Then I think
>> somebody reading your reply will be able to help you.
>> Good luck
>> Nio
>> Den 2014-12-13 16:53, German skrev:
>>> Nio, I am looking not dmesg.log. I am looking for my tablet connected to USB port. Where is it on file system? Thanks
>>> Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at> wrote:
>>>> Den 2014-12-13 16:25, German skrev:
>>>>> Israel, following your instructions, I did manage to write dmesg.log.
>>>>> Now I need to transfer it to my tablet so I can send it to the list. I
>>>>> plugged the tablet to USB port, enabled USB storage, but can't find
>>>>> where it is on file system. How do I go about it? I have looked at
>>>>> /home, /usr, /media, but to no avail. Thank you
>>>> If you run this command, you should find it
>>>> sudo find / -name dmesg.log
>>>> but it may take time, because it will search for all files.
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Nio

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