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Israel israeldahl at
Sat Dec 13 01:11:37 UTC 2014

On 12/12/2014 07:03 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>     >> Hi Israel. The links you were providing me dealing with
>     removing catalyst
>     >> drivers and last message on the terminal during the boot is
>     'virtual
>     >> Ethernet', so I guess problem with VMware. I just tried to make
>     a log file,
>     >> but failed.
>     >> Dmesg > ~/dmesg.log
>     >> Bash: /root/dmesg.log: read-only file system
>     >> How do I write to the file system? I am also not sure how to
>     transfer the
>     >> log file to my tablet if I am able to generate the file. All
>     ideas are
>     >> greatly appreciated. Thanks
> @G:
> Try putting "sudo" in front of your selected task . . . .
> F
Sorry I forgot you have to mount the filesystems...
The simplest way is to choose the filesystem check, and then choose the
option to go to the terminal the way you did originally.

Then you can run
dmesg > ~/dmesg.log
though... since you are root you should probably do something like
dmesg > /home/YOURuserNAME/dmesg.log
make sure make dmesg LOWER case.

You wont need sudo since you are running as root.
You can also run
apt-get autoremove vmware*

the asterisk will select all the packages with vmware  at the beginning..
I am guessing vmware names their package something sane :)


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