How old is your computer - the sequel.

Basil Fernie basil at
Tue Dec 9 15:02:51 UTC 2014

Hi Barry, While I have had some problems trying to run Ubuntu even with  
LXDE on some laptops over the past year or two, I have had a lot od  
success recently with Lubuntu14.10, LXLE14.10 (for 64-bit) or LXLE14.04.1  
for 32-bit, or, when all else fails, CrunchBang.

HTH (and remember, Lubuntu is not quite Ubuntu+LXDE; also, LXLE  
incorporates a menubar slightly reminiscent of Unity)

Basil Fernie

On Tue, 09 Dec 2014 15:57:36 +0200, Barry Titterton  
<titterton.barry at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thank you for all of your replies. I am very impressed by all of the
> wonderful veteran machines that are still being used, and I thought that
> I was doing well with a 9 year old machine!
> You may recall from my original post that the question was prompted by a
> conversation at a local (Windows only) computer training course. I, as
> you may expect, talked to the tutor and students about how Linux was
> good on older machines. The tutor then mentioned that they had three old
> laptops that they no longer used, and that I was welcome to try putting
> Linux on them. Two of the computers are old XP machines (Dell Latitude
> D505, Pentium M with 1 Gb RAM) that were donated by the local Teesdale
> council. The CPUs on these are non-pae so I am using Lubuntu with the
> 'forcepae' option on install. I have managed to get one working and am
> going back after New Year to do the second. The third machine is a much
> newer Win 7 Toshiba Satellite Pro (spec unknown), donated by BT, that
> never worked properly and was quickly retired to the store cupboard. I
> am unsure whether to use Mint 17 with cinnamon on this machine, or full
> Ubunutu as Unity may be too much these very inexperienced (and nervous)
> students. I don't want to confuse them by doing too much, too quickly.
> Does anyone know if these desktop environments will work together if
> installed on the same machine as alternatives? I have, in the past,
> tried XFCE and LXDE on the same machine and it did not work well.
> Regards,
> Barry T

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