[Off-Topic] ToriOS Alpha is here!

Ali Linx ali.linux at amjjawad.net
Sat Aug 30 18:18:31 UTC 2014


The reason I am sending this email to this list is because the idea of 
ToriOS Project was born right from this place :)
Without going into the history of the project, I'd like to share the 
latest news:

ToriOS Alpha is here:

I do remember that some people here were so interested but can't 
remember who so I am sending to the list :)

For those who wish to know more about ToriOS, you may wish to visit our 
website, join our mailing list or our IRC Channel.

For those curious of you who can't wait and wish to find out how ToriOS 
was born from this place, there are some posts on my blog about that:


Long story short, once upon a time, I suggested to have a Mini Lubuntu 
but Lubuntu Community rejected the idea somehow. Now, the idea is real 
and it is even much more better than what I had in mind. It is NO more 
Mini Lubuntu, it is called ToriOS :)

It is a pleasure to use your project (OBI) and I am sure it will beat 
Ubiquity ;)

Your hard work and great help will never be forgotten. You are a true 
friend and great brother. Thank you for making it happen finally!

With every step I take inside FOSS World, without a doubt, I must thank 
you for everything.

For those who said NO to me, I'm very thankful :) it is because of you, 
we have done it.

This is an alpha release not yet final ;)


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