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Thu Aug 28 23:15:51 UTC 2014

Hi Mr. the Tank,
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On 08/28/2014 05:59 PM, Frank A. Abraham wrote:
> I'm a novice with Linuxs but I like Lubuntu.
We do too!!!
> as far as I can tell the os needs work.
It is migrating to Qt (LXQt) so the GTK version is in maintenance mode
right now (the current Lubuntu, as well as 14.10)  The Qt version will
not be released until 15.04 (or later... depending on how everything goes)
> it took a long time to install.
If you don't install updates while installing the whole process goes
very quickly.  Of course if you are installing a daily-live version, it
shouldn't take very long either.

> ubuntu and Knoppixs recognized my USB wifi and Lubuntu didn't.
That is too bad... there must be a package you are missing...  What
model is it?  I have never had an issue with it, myself, my USB wifi
works right out of the box (I use it to install on b43 wireless machines)
> aside from that I like the small footprint and the ability to only
> install what I need.
mini.iso is even smaller :)
> it would be nice to have a live cd of Lubuntu.
For the current Release (1st LTS as well)
Or to test 14.10

The 'Desktop' images are all Live... so.... um, you may have a live version.
> I'll do what I can to help you with testing.
> best regards,
> Frank the Tank,


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