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Thu Aug 28 16:21:09 UTC 2014

Fritz, I rarely get on the forums. You're welcome to post something
up. Just a simple copy paste will do the trick. As a PPC user
yourself, I'd imagine you'd want more support and that you could at
least do that!

Similarly, the only way to ensure that you're going to have updates
and future releases is to help. PPC is *ONE HUNDRED PERCENT* community
supported. The only thing that keeps it alive is the community at all.
Which is to say that if the community doesn't support it, it goes

With that in mind, at this point, I think it's unlikely that we'll see
a 14.10 release. Given the major changes set for 15.04, I'm guessing
that in light of that fact, we're unlikely to see a release there
either, unless there is some hardcore DAILY testing going on. And even
then, I'm not sure that's enough.

We don't need developers (it would help, but that's not the issue),
nor do we need people to fix the problem or be Linux experts. All
people need to do is the formal testing. There are instructions to
follow and all you have to do is decide whether or not it acts as
expected. The only other thing you can optionally do (and should do)
is file bug reports. Again, we don't expect you to fix them or
diagnose them or troubleshoot them. Just do the best you can.

I realize time is lacking. It is for me, too. I just inherited a new
PPC machine and I desperately tried to get it set up so I could do
testing before I went to bed last night but time ran out as I was busy
dealing with family matters before that. I didn't stop to think if it
was a waste of time. I tried. So if you have time at all, use it!


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=328
> wxl:
> Hello again, I've mentioned or requested that your call for testers should
> be posted on the Ubuntu Apple Users forum . . . as of 5 minutes ago I don't
> see any post there from you or anyone calling for 14.10 testers.  A couple
> days ago I posted a thread on "fixing the 14.04 graphics issues" . . . it's
> had 169 or so "views" . . . with a couple actual replies . . . possibly that
> might expand your "universe of testers"???
> Might be a "waste of time" though . . . to try, "PPC is dying out," etc.
> I'm typing this on my iMac G4 in 10.4.11, the display is clear, it works
> fine, maybe a bit slower to load internet data . . . but a perfectly good
> computer.  Why is it that "linux" can't "support" these "dying" machines . .
> . ???
> I've read your notes about ppc users needing to "do it formally" . . . and
> certainly aware that there is dwindling support for ppc in ubuntu.  But,
> once again the day before something is due just isn't enough time, which is
> my most precious commodity.  Since the 14.04 install didn't go too well on
> my iBook I might be able to try a 14.10 install on it; most of my problem is
> not having the skills to "fix the problems" that seem to be occurring more
> frequently in PPC . . . therefore, the "waste of time" thought crops in . .
> . .  But, it's going to take a few days, and same on "doing it formally" . .
> . too many other life things going on.  Hope others can find the time . . .
> .
> F/e.e.p.
>> We need to get the Beta 1 of 14.10 formally tested for ppc so we can
>> have a release. If we can't get the testing done with this release
>> (due tomorrow!!!), I don't think we're going to have releases for
>> 14.10 final. This means if you want to use something greater than
>> 14.04 on a ppc, you're going to have to use the dailies, which are
>> most likely to be problematic. I'm going to try to get out my old G4
>> and see if I can't take care of things, but we need all the testers we
>> can get to work out the bugs on various types of hardware.
>> As the ppc point of contact, I can tell you that there's little
>> support for ppc throughout the Ubuntu family. Lubuntu is about the
>> only flavor that is even applicable. If we can't get a release out,
>> I'm not sure we can provide much support at all. That's not something
>> I look forward to.
>> That being said, I entreaty you for your help, please!
>> wxl
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