carsrcoffins23 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 27 18:07:32 UTC 2014

We need to get the Beta 1 of 14.10 formally tested for ppc so we can
have a release. If we can't get the testing done with this release
(due tomorrow!!!), I don't think we're going to have releases for
14.10 final. This means if you want to use something greater than
14.04 on a ppc, you're going to have to use the dailies, which are
most likely to be problematic. I'm going to try to get out my old G4
and see if I can't take care of things, but we need all the testers we
can get to work out the bugs on various types of hardware.

As the ppc point of contact, I can tell you that there's little
support for ppc throughout the Ubuntu family. Lubuntu is about the
only flavor that is even applicable. If we can't get a release out,
I'm not sure we can provide much support at all. That's not something
I look forward to.

That being said, I entreaty you for your help, please!


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