Problem with minimize

farinet at farinet at
Mon Aug 25 06:58:40 UTC 2014

lubuntu-users-request at schrieb:
> Hi,
> I would try to use the default configuration file and see if the problem
> persists.
> This will give us a better idea of where to start looking.
> It could be some small change somewhere has effected this.
> I know there have been some changes (in non lubuntu specific things)
> that have caused other oddities (gtk themes and manual color changing
> for example).
> So if the default configuration file shows the same behavior, then it
> must be some other application or configuration showing this error.

What do you mean by "use the default configuration file"?

Default configuration file = lxappearance? obconf?

I do not see there any related settings?

TIA for your patience!

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