Testing report: Did the 14.04 upgrade . . . how do I fix it?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 01:45:25 UTC 2014


Fired up the iBook to check for 12.04 updates and a window opened asking me
if I "wanted to upgrade to 14.04 ?". . . so I figured what the heck . . .
said it was going to take two hours . . . wound up at 4.  I figured that
using the GUI "Distribution Upgrade" app would preserve my system and set
it up to run the way it was before better than a fresh install via DVD . .
. didn't exactly go that way.

On restart I got the 14.04 splash, got the cursor, but then the cursor
turned to "highlight" or "link" symbol, however the "I" . . . was floating
on what was now a totally black screen . . . took a minute to figure that
lightdm login window was not visibly showing up, but possibly log in cursor
was blinking.  So I typed my password, and "viola" . . . got to a desktop,
fairly good resolution, but desktop color was changed from the blue XFCE to
a red w/vert line Op Art look . . . the background image colors in the
gmail browser window are low resolution blotchy, same thing in the Settings
DE photo.  Fonts appear to be rendered fairly well.

The iBook has the radeon driver and I saw comment in the past that the
radon driver was "not supported in 14.04." But, I saw that
"video-xserver-radeon"??? was downloaded & installed, but "radeon" is not
showing up in "lsmod" . .  I "nano'd" the /etc/X11/xorg.conf  file and it's

Previously here on the list I saw that perhaps Aere had some similar
problems with colors, possibly in an iBook . . . if someone could "remind"
me about the fix for the splotchy colors issue . . . that would be great.

So, what happened to "lightdm" log in window, I saw in the install it was
"set up" . . . but logging out goes to a black window . . . so I can't see
how to switch from Xubuntu to LXDE or Openbox . . . should I just run "sudo
start lightdm" ?????

Also, multiple toolbar applets for battery (2) . . . and (4) applets for
notepad . . . .  Font appears to be grey in this window, although subject
line appears ink black . . . .  And there till seems to be the issue with
window dragging being somewhat off kilter from mouse movement . . . that
has not changed from my testing of the LiveDVD . . . but, it's installed.
Maybe in the coming months if I can get some of these things straightened
out I'll try to find the spare time to set up the "qe" thingie, or whatever
it's called . . . .  Thanks for any assistance.

F/ e.e.p.
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