Leaving no trace on the web or in life . . . .

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 21:40:37 UTC 2014

Hi all,
The first time I used the internet was back in the early nineties,
before that we used a BBS.
For all of you who don't know what a BBS is, you should check it out.

When I used a BBS, I would call a person's house with my modem to
connect to their computer.  I understood that by choosing to connect to
their network, they had access to my computer.

Now we connect to the internet on SO many things.  But, this is the same
as it used to be.  You connect to your ISP's servers, and they connect
you to somewhere else.  By getting on the internet you are automatically
vulnerable to hundreds of security issues in privacy far worse than the
one being brought up.  You should assume that your internet time is NOT
private, and seek to mitigate the possible damage, by using strong
passwords, clearing caches,  and using more than one e-mail.

I have a 'junk' e-mail and a 'public' e-mail and a project dedicated e-mail.
If my public e-mail shows up in public, I am not surprised.  If my junk
e-mail is public, I don't care as it is not connected to me in any way
that could be a security issue.

The more unsettling thing, is that the US government builds exploitable
backdoors into virtually every router that passes through the US.  The
hardware manufacturers probably also put in backdoors in the computers
we use.  If you own a cellphone, you are not secure at all.  There are
so many ways to exploit a cellphone.  For example, the gyroscope can be
used as a rudimentary microphone, based on the vibrations of sound it
can pick up.

A PUBLIC mailing list showing up in public for the community, is not a
bug, it is expected behavior.  It is supposed to show up in searches,
that is the nature of a public mailing list.  We (mostly) want this
information to be easily available, as this is part of a global
community.  Something we say on this list may help someone doing a
search for a certain issue.

Sorry, this e-mail was so long :D

On 08/21/2014 02:58 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Richie:
> Cool.  Maybe you can post back one more time if you have some success
> getting the list to go "silent."  But, it's not just the ubuntu list
> that has this problem . . . on the odd occasion that I google my name,
> somewhere down the list will be some posts from my early exploits
> trying to find a system to run PPC a couple years ago . . . on the
> fink user list . . . .  Compared to them this list is a dream . . .
> hopefully I'm not stepping on toes, but IMHO fink is not worth the
> space it takes up . . . 8 hour install, part way through some package
> would break . . . when I would post my issue about how to fix it,
> invariably somebody would post back with almost literally, "Why are
> idiots posting on our beautiful forum . . . and then add that if I
> didn't know how to fix it I shouldn't be on the list . . . ."  Which I
> found ironic, since fink was . . . so "brittle" . . . and within a
> month or so had dropped support for PPC--but the "evidence" of those
> posts is still floating around . . . .
> So, my point was & is, a sense of humor about "privacy" on the
> internet is required . . . and then some understanding that public
> life includes moments of embarrassment, even humiliation, a few short
> moments of joy . . . until we close our eyes for "the big sleep" . . .
> and then, if what you are saying is correct . . . the "evidence" of
> our web exploits will remain for another 2.5 years . . . until we can
> then "disappear" into eternal "privacy" . . . leaving no trace, etc. 
> : - 0
> F
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Richie Bloss <sneydblois at gmail.com
> <mailto:sneydblois at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Guess I'll have to post one more time.
>     Absolutely love POI :0)
>     Quite honestly I am a bit surprised @ the cavalier attitude the
>     Ubuntu community has towards email privacy & that this hasn't been
>     addressed before now.
>     Of the dozens of forums, mailing lists, blogs, etc I post to this
>     is the only one wherein my gmail id is dredged up.  That tells me
>     they're all doing it better than the Ubuntu folks.
>     Will try to pursue this thru the Google Product forums since I
>     cannot get the administrator of this mailing list to respond.


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