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Richie Bloss sneydblois at
Tue Aug 19 16:32:04 UTC 2014

I emailed yesterday & sorry if this is already been investigated but I am
concerned that a security hole is present.

When I did a Google search on my name yesterday an old post to the *mailing
list * dated 7/22/2013 appeared with my gmail id.

Also I can access the The Lubuntu-users Archives without any login process
& my along all other email (gmail) addresses is there for anyone to see.
 This seems like a large breach in security to me.  Am I incorrect?
see July 2013 by author & myself along with *Ali Linx, **Sunita Barve,
Doak, **Iberê Fernandes, etc are exposed in my opinion.*

*Can someone address this?*

*richie bloss*
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