problem with minimize

farinet at farinet at
Tue Aug 19 13:51:01 UTC 2014

lubuntu-users-request at schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am have not heard of this problem yet.  Don't you have a pretty
> modified interface?
> You might simply check and make sure the order of buttons is still what
> you want it to be.
> You could also move your configuration file to a backup and logout and
> login to see if the behavior persists even with the 'default' Lubuntu
> xml file.

No, this is on a samsung amd64 machine where i use a pretty much
standard lubuntu.

I asked this question in the german too and there someone
else having the same problem.

To me it seems an lx-panel problem (htop shows firefox for example still
running but it does not show up anymore in the panel ...

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