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> I install a different Linux version about every 3-4 days. I want to see
> them all.
> My favorite method is to use a flash drive. I use a small program called
> UNetbootin
> to burn a bootable ISO file to the flash drive.
> The ISO file I get from various locations such as torrent website, linux
> website etc..
> I have used this method to install Linux on 17 other computers for various
> friends and family members as well .
> It has always worked good for me without any issues.

Somebody emailed me offlist about unetbootin, however I'm not the OP on
this topic . . . but, caveat, at one point in my linux development I
downloaded unetbootin in OSX . . . and, it doesn't or didn't seem to work.
At the time I don't think I had a working linux partition for testing out
unetbootin.  Linux Mint, because it doesn't do system upgrades on an old
install, but wants a fresh install, has a usb flashdrive installer app . .
. probably called "Mint flashdrive" . . . ????  I know I installed it via
synaptic or terminal at one point, but it might have been "nuked" . . . .
For me, my PPCs are probably done with upgrades, and even my MBPro might be
staying with 14.04 for the next few years . . . .  But, for the OP
hopefully he'll see this unetbootin info and try it or the Mint version out
. . . .  After checking the md5sum number . . . .

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