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Tue Aug 12 17:05:45 UTC 2014

Man, keep calm with this...

If this is a script, you should name it to not Script.txt

You should also remove those "-y", this blind confirmation can ruin your
system! It's always a good thing to check what will be made before.

You use some softwares I use too. But I'm curious, why remove lxterminal?

Another word, those memory, cache and stuff tweaks are very dependent on
hardware. Lubuntu is focused on old/legacy hardware. This is difficult to
apply to everyone...

2014-08-12 4:26 GMT-03:00 Marcio <markosloski at>:

> So...Hello everyone.
> First of all forgive me if it's not the right place to send a suggestion,
> I'm barely new here, I just hope that a kind soul take my idea to the right
> person.
> Well....after bugging around internet a little, taking tips here and
> there, I come to setup up my prefs.js file in a way that makes the browser
> literally fly, it's really, really fast. (this file keeps some browser
> parameters like connections-per-server, the time it takes to render a page,
> etc. I'm attaching my file to this message to who want to test it, I swear
> it's not a malware or some of kind. If you want to be safe, backup your own
> prefs.js, located on home/.mozilla/profile/screwthiszxc/ ---> just make a
> copy of it, then paste mine. close the browser and open it again, try enter
> on youtube (a lot of images here), an online game, some other heavy pages
> you know. If possible, I'd like to know your results, if you can send me a
> mail I apprecite it.
> Since I decided to start in the linux life, I gradually become a kind of
> optimization geek, I like to make my computer go fast. Lubuntu has done
> half the way, it's a great distro. The other 50% I achieved tweaking it,
> not big deal, I have little if nothing knowledge about things like
> compiling, kernel parameters and other stuff, I just modded what I knew,
> for sharing purposes I'm attaching here too a script of mine, it's an
> safety script, just to install programs automatically, remove others,
> download PPA's, and make some "tweaking".
> Finishing, about these tweak commands, it's all taken from internet again,
> I tested on my laptop, and it worked well. My wish is that you can analyze
> it, and decide if it's worth to put on the distro. I can't be called a
> programmer, just a bad hobbist, so wait to see the some messy scripting :D
> It's all good people, forgive the horrible english, I'm not doing my best
> effort to write right know, and it's not my mother language, but I'm sure I
> make myself understand.
> (If you can take this message to some portuguese speakers, they can help
> on the script)
> Be with God you all and keep the awesome work.
> --
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