a 30 seconds answer to "exit button"

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 00:18:45 UTC 2014

On 08/04/2014 10:46 AM, txtmania wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just installed the 14.04.1 in a Acer latop "Inspire". I noticed the
> the ibus package known issue, which has a "work-around". However, I
> was surprised by a 30 seconds answer when pushing the exit button. Do
> you think this delay should be in mentioned? Is there a work-around?
> Thx
You could make a desktop file to shutdown instantly

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Shutdown NOW
Exec= dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit
/org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop

save it to /usr/share/applications/shutdown.desktop

or type in (all one line):
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit
/org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop

instant shutdown.

Here is reboot (all one line):
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit

and to be overkill here is suspend (all one line):
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower
/org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend

I have thought about making a gdialog bash script for this... but
haven't gotten around to it yet....


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