nm-applet missing from task-bar problem on 14.04.1

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> Subject: nm-applet missing from task-bar problem on 14.04.1
> All:
> Now that Lubuntu 14.04.1 is available, I upgraded a Lubuntu 13.10 system
> to 14.04.  Unfortunately, the problem where nm-applet is missing from
> the task-bar is still a problem when upgrading such a system.
> Does the system need to be installed from a newly downloaded and burned
> CD in order to fix the problem?


I had this problem in my MBPro running Xu/MATE 14.04, but only in the MATE
DE--the applet showed up in XFCE and Xubun DE's just fine.  And I posted a
question on the MATE forum recently and I got a fix . . . there is one line
in a file that needs to be deleted.  I expressed my concern that (based
upon some thread here) that there would then be two applets . . . but, it
was fine.  I can't remember the details hence the suggestion to find the
MATE forum . . . using my "este.el.paz" screen facade . . . .

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